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Birthday Splash for Bree

img_9844.jpgThanks everyone for coming out to Bree’s 1st Birthday Party. We had a lot of fun. I got a bit over-cooked, but at least most of the food turned out OK. We hope everyone had a great time swimming and eating.

Thanks for all the gifts.

Photos here.

Not For Free Software Foundation

The Free Software Foundation posted their 5 reasons for not buying an iPhone, via Daring Fireball. This is a bit ridiculous. Every Verizon phone operates pretty much the same way.

  1. iPhone completely blocks free software. Developers must pay a tax to Apple, who becomes the sole authority over what can and can’t be on everyone’s phones.
  2. iPhone endorses and supports Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) technology.
  3. iPhone exposes your whereabouts and provides ways for others to track you without your knowledge.
  4. iPhone won’t play patent- and DRM-free formats like Ogg Vorbis and Theora.
  5. iPhone is not the only option. There are better alternatives on the horizon that respect your freedom, don’t spy on you, play free media formats, and let you use free software — like the FreeRunner.
  1. Verizon controls all softwae you put on your phone. You can’t manually install anything. (MS Mobile phones might be an exception because Verizon doesn’t own the OS.)
  2. Although you can put music on your phones, I think Verizon controls everything that is broadcast through VCast.
  3. I don’t think any phone actually does this, unless you install the software that does it.
  4. I don’t think there are any Verizon phones that do this, most phones probably don’t.
  5. The FreeRunner is not a very good option and barely competes with the iPhone.

I only use Verizon as an example because I subscribe to them and I know how crappy their phones are. They are endorsing Google’s Android OS, but that’s a long ways away.

A Touch Of Color

The Samsung Touch Of Color is a sight for sore eyes. Go buy one, Kevin.

Brooke's Checkup on 2008.07.08

Weight: 30.2lbs.
Height : 37.2″

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