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I saw this post on Daring Fireball and had to try it out. I’ve never used before, but I hear it’s a great way to organize bookmarks. Unfortunately, aside from my normal list of links, I don’t really go into my history to browse. Instapaper is a clever idea. It’s a quick way to bookmark sites to read later. What’s impressive is the way that it’s implemented. To install, you just drag a button (scriptlet) into your tool bar. When you see a page you want to read later, just click the button (scriplet) and it gets saved to the Instapper server. To register, you just provide an email address, the password is optional.

scriptlet: javascript bookmarks.

Bree's 6 Month Checkup

Weight: 15.0lbs. 10.4oz.
Height : 26.25″
Head Circumference: 15.98″

Brooke's Checkup on 2008.01.14

Weight: 29.0lbs.
Height : 36.4″

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