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New Addition to the Family

New Addition to the Family. Yes, we are expecting again, another girl. We’re very happy. I think this is it, I don’t have the energy for another one.

Closing the Entertainment Loop

Finally got my AppleTV
yesterday and spent a little time playing with it. Brooke battled me for the remote the entire time, suffice it to say she won. Fortunately, I had two, the second from the iMac at work. Setup was simple if not a little tedious scrolling through each letter on the onscreen keyboard. Once it’s done, it’s done; moving on. NOTE: if you have a large Library, don’t sync, connect from iTunes and selectively sync your Library. Brooke and I enjoyed a little “Baby Einstein” to calm herself down. Playback was nice and smooth, fastword and rewind worked well until you hit the buffer, at which point it has to refresh. The menus are nice and clean. My only gripe is that the menus aren’t nicely grouped by Artist/Album/Show like the iPod menus. It’s very tedious to scroll through every Simpsons episode to find one from Season 5
, especially when all of the episodes are grouped in alphabetical order or uploaded date. Traversing submenus would have been more efficient. I hope to see it in a future software update. Overall, I’m very pleased with my entertainment center, MacPro
server, AppleTV
and Pioneer Plasma TV (sound system coming soon).

March Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all:

Phuong Tran (3rd)
John Sarrouf (3rd)
Chann An (3rd)
Rodney Barlow (4th)
Rex Roberts (7th)
Mat Simpson (9th)
Arvind Puri (13th)

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