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Google Me

Google is one of the most innovative companies today, next to Apple. I’ve just started using the Google Map API for fun and profit. It’s just amazing what they’ve done with the browser. Ironically, all the functionality has been around for awhile.

Google My Map

Brooke's Checkup on 2007.01.22

Weight: 25.06lbs.
Height : 32.0″

Brooke's Checkup on 2007.01.10

Weight: 23.02lbs.
Height : 31.0″

Apple Announces New Products

It’s amazing how Apple” has decided to become a player and do it the right way. They ‘ve reinvented the ‘wheel’ with the iPhone.” Hands down the best cell phone ever created. They really have outdone themselves with this product. It’s not just a combination iPod and cell phone, they’ve change the way you interact with it. No more keypad or tiny keyboards, implemented sensors, true OS and of course ease of use.

Currently, it uses the Apple” is going to have and the scores of customers jumping ship. I hope they will, because Verizon has done very little for their customers in terms of satisfaction, by disabling phone features like Bluetooth. I’d be surprised if their customers didn’t jump ship for Apple” TV, which I plan on purchasing as well.

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Burn Baby Burn

FeedBurner.” I signed up just to see what all the fuss was about. Sounds like a great business. I don’t think it’ll be the next Posted in Technology

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