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This machine is seriously impressive. It’s knock-your-socks-off fast and extremely quiet. I can’t tell that it’s even on, except for the light and the rare clicking of the hard drive. The interior is just as impressive. The case opens with just a flip of the latch and the hard drives slide in and out like 8-track cartridges. Everything seems to have it’s own heat-sinks, even the RAM modules.

Two 3ghz Dual-Core processors
2x512mb of RAM, 2x512mb coming next week.
500gb SATA 7200rpm drive, I’ll be looking to add 3x750gb in the future.
512mb RadeonX1900 video card, I need a second monitor.

It’s not without it’s quirks, but I’m sure they’ll get resolved soon. Some apps are still not universal binaries, again, I’m sure they’ll be resolved soon.

I’ll say it again, the speed is crazy fast. It even makes my Net connection seem faster.

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