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Brooke's Checkup on 2006.08.09

Weight: 20.0lbs.
Height : 29.0″

I'm a Pro now

I just ordered a MacPro, which will be arriving mid-September. I can’t wait any longer! I need it now! But, I can’t seem to get used to the Not So Mighty Mouse, so I’m going to buy a reliable Kensington mouse. It’s not bluetooth, but it’s wireless. I’ve always used Kensington mice/trackballs and they’re the best in form factor, comfortability and reliability. The software also works really well. I’ve never had any issues with their mice, but I’ve also never had a wireless mouse. So, stay tuned.

Update: Thursday, August 31, 2006, I’ve been using this mouse for about a week now and it works as advertised. The new MouseWorks software has some new features, including the ability to switch the scroll wheel orientation. Kensington makes great products, 5 stars.

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