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Buyer's Remorse

So, I’ve given up on the HS850 that I reviewed earlier. It didn’t have the USB charger that I thought it had, the reception was horrible and it always felt like it was going to fall off. The Platronics Voyager 510 looks promising. There was a review on Amazon submitted by someone who had the same experience I had with the poor quality of the HS850. This headset looks more comfortable and it can pair with two devices at once. Which means I should be able to use it to listen to music from my computer and then switch to the phone when a call comes in.

Update: August 17, 2006, 10:50 PM, I’ve been using this for about three weeks now and I’m really impressed. I’ve been mostly using it my computer to listen to music. It’s not the best quality but it works. I’ve returned my Logitech iPod Bluetooth headphones for a full refund.

OSCON 2006

I’m in Portland for three days attending OSCON. We have a booth in the exhibit hall this year for recruiting purposes, not at all how I want to spend my free time. On the plus side, I now have new shirts to replace the shredded ones my wife keeps trying to throw out. One of the best talks so far has been by Audrey Tang who gave a lightning talk on ppencode, it’s fast paced, flashy and at the same entertaining.

On a side note, I ran into an old friend from college that was working the EFF booth, small world. I’ve been a member for a couple years now, you should be too.

Update: Friday, July 28, 2006 OSCON is now over and it was a blast. A lot of good was accomplished. I probably won’t get into it. Although, I will need to put together a presentation for the Business when I get back. Maybe I’ll post it here.

Brooke's First Trip

We took Brooke on her first trip this past weekend. We had our reservations, but Brooke surprised us and was on her best behavior. She couldn’t have been more behaved. She didn’t cry on the plane, she didn’t cry in the car and she pretty much let everyone hold her. She also had a great time with Leland and the rest family. Thanks Kevin and Minnie for a great weekend.

New Every Two

Two years finally came and I was able to take advantage of Verizon’s “New Every Two” feature to get a new phone, one that works. I opted for the RAZR.

Put down the Phone and back away

This issue won’t go away and it shouldn’t. Being a 100+ mile a day commuter in Southern California, I can safely say that most bad drivers are the ones on their cell phones. Studies show it’s just as bad as drinking and driving. I’m not a fan of Arnie, but we really need this law passed.

“Schwarzenegger Calls for Banning Hand-Held Cellphone Use While Driving”


New Digs

I’m evaluating different blogging software. I found a nice simple blogging package, called appropriately enough, the Simple PHP Blog (Donation Ware). It’s file based, so no database needed. Although, from the looks of the code, it can be made to work with a database; it has a decent abstraction layer. I believe in the next release, the files will be XML and not delimited. On the plus side, it seems very fast and efficient. I like the DHTML, expanding blocks, too bad it doesn’t save the state and you can’t move them around by dragging them. On the minus side, it does not support RSS feed blocks and search engine friendly URLs. But, I’ve already hacked it to do both. I do really mean hacked, the links are not abstracted, yet, so I’ve had to make changes to a lot of files.

Next up: Movable Type.

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