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The iPod Video

I was able to play with an iPod Video recently and I’m really impressed. The form factor is amazing. The video playback is actually viewable. The only issues I had with it were the lack of accessories like the remote and dock, which for the price should be included. Also adding photos isn’t as straight forward as it should be and I’d rather not use iPhoto. The lack of firewire support was disappointing, since transfers with USB 2 was excruciatingly slow.

Overall I’d give it an A-.

With that said, I’m now selling my 3G iPod if anyone is interested.

Brooke's 4 Month Checkup

Weight: 15.05lbs.
Height : 25.0″
Head Circumference: 16.0″


Flickr is what the cool kids are using to share photos. Forgetabout crap like is slightly better than, but neither is built around sharing photos.

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Share your listening habits with the world. Let people know what you’re really interested. It annoys me that there’s such a thing as a “Top 40” list. According to who, the record execs? Radio Station Playlists? I think might reflect what people are really listening to.

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