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On The Frontline

On Frontline tonight: The Jesus Factor President Bush’s spiritual beliefs. Find out what the vessel of God/Jesus has to say. Did you know Bush wants “creationism” taught in schools? Having religion is one thing and I’m not totally opposed to it. But, imposing your religious beliefs is something else and I do not support.

I believe Frontline is on PBS, check your Posted in Politics

RSS and BitTorrent

Two good things that go great together, Dave” Winer thinks so too. “BitTorrent” is a P2P protocol that distributes its load among the system’s users, letting them draw upon one another’s unused bandwidth to share files.” Wired has LegalTorrents” has stuff you can download.

The Man Speaks

Bush speaks tonight, the speech will begin at approximately 8:30 p.m. EDT. For the most part, he’ll be defending his cabinet for the mistakes they’ve made. I really doubt he’ll give us any information we can really use. He’ll be fluffing it up and skirting the issues as usual. If you have free time from licking lint, maybe you could tune in and tune out.

Air America Radio

I just started listening to this and I’m hooked. I never used to be interested in Politics, until Dub-Bush started taking away our civil liberties with the

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