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A new virus is circulating through the internet that utilizes a P2P network to distribute itself and take control of infected computers to steal account information. The virus can be detected by anti-virus software but once the PC is infected the virus will disable the anti-virus and firewall software. The main objective of the virus is to send spam emails and flood websites in order to take them down. Now I’m no fan of virus software, but the technology is behind them is very high-tech. Though it trivializes the code by sending spam and taking down websites. That’s just inane and only something script-kiddies would do.

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Tappa Tappa Tappa

An DMCA” (bad” for other reasons, one being that it’s overly abused.

Get the Magic Touch

This is a new technology that provides easy and intuitive interaction between devices, by simply touching the devices together. Near Field Communication (NFC) is the protocol and it utilizes RFID chips to identify it’s users. Think of it like those key cards that you wave in front of sensor to unlock doors. Among it’s other possible uses would be to check-in/out at airports/hotels or act as an electronic wallet to pay the bill. Prostitutes could charge by the touch, by one get one free, prostitute not included.

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Morally Reicht

There are those that believe we all sinners and are imposing their will upon everyone. Since the fallout of Nipple Gate, the FCC has instituted a policy to fine anyone violating what they believe to be indecent. However, the FCC will not define what those violations are, but will notify you if you violate them. This is the worst case of censorship to date and violates everyone’s First Amendment rights.

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March Madness

Get ready for the 2004 NCAA Office Pool and join for fun and profit. If you want a piece of the pie, it’s $10. Use the PayPal link to the right or I’ll collect it from you the next time I see you.

2004″ NCAA Womens Tournament Entry From

March Madness is upon us…

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It doesn’t quite transform, but this Robot is all Car and a Mini at that. Could be the best photots.”


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20/20 for less

Massachusetts Institute of Technology doctoral candidate Saul Griffith, with the help of his colleague Neil Houghton won the Business School Social Enterprise Business Plan Contest for the concept in 2001, has deleveloped an efficient lens manufacturing process dubbed the “desktop printer” for low-cost eyeglass lenses. He has just been presented the prestigious $30,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for his inventiveness. Read the full article Low” Cost Eye Glasses

Blog the Vote…

Proposition 55 – Yes
Proposition 56 – No
Proposition 57 – No
Proposition 58 – No

I’m still unsure about 55 though. Not sure we need more debt, but it
is for education. Maybe teachers can actually teach kids and not MTV or Jessica Simpson.

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